Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hapara Use in CUSD205

This post is intended for teachers in our school district, but other Hapara users may find the links in this post helpful, too.

My big project today is setting up the daily sync between our student data system (Skyward) and Hapara. For teachers, our use of Hapara (in Grades 6-12) includes three modules: Dashboard, Highlights, and Workspace.

Welcome Hapara Teachers!





Self-Paced Hapara Workspaces Training Module
Hapara Workspaces Solutions Guide 
PRINTABLE Hapara Workspaces Cheat Sheet 

See the Hapara Solutions Guides to get started if you're new to Hapara, or to refresh your memory if you are a returning user

See Hapara's Customer First site with live and on-demand training resources and webinars to guide appropriate classroom use. 


This year, teachers in District 205 will have the ability to: 

Create classes manually. 

This year you can make a custom group if you wish. This will not be affected by the daily synchronization - you will have to add/remove students or delete the class manually. 

Add students manually. 

This year, if you don't want to wait for the front office to enter the student in Skyward and then wait until the next day for the sync to occur, you can enter a student by hand. This, too, will not be affected by the daily sync. When the sync adds the student's official record, you will be responsible for deleting the "student" you created. 


This may be kind of huge for us! This year you will also be able to synchronize the Google Classroom courses you create and use Hapara Highlights and Workspaces with the Classroom group. 
Here's how:
Introducing Google Classroom Sync for Hapara (Teacher Version) from Hapara Team on Vimeo.

Read more about Classroom/Hapara Sync & how to use it on the Hapara Support page


Pobody's Nerfect

The data sync will be set to occur daily after 4pm to catch each day's new additions & changes. THERE WILL BE A TROUBLESHOOTING PERIOD where Hapara courses and rosters may not look exactly the way you'd like, especially as student registration and assignment to courses, changes to teacher course assignments, etc., all settles out. Please try to be patient - most of these issues tend to sort themselves out during the first week or two as the changes in Skyward begin to stabilize. If kids & classes don't seem to "look" the way you'd like, try to add classes or students, or sync things with your Google Classroom, as noted above.


Teachers will soon see a number of folders created in Google Drive for the classes you teach.  This is normal, and you can use these folders to store & share any course materials you'd like. If you don't want to see or use these, you can just create a folder called "Hapara" and move all of those into there if you prefer a different organizational style. Just don't delete the folders, please.

Create Drive Folder (& nest it within other folders) from @JakeMillerTech


Teachers will also see a number of new Calendars appearing in Google Calendar. You are more than welcome to use these to help students stay organized throughout the school year, because they will see the same Calendars as well. Users can hide calendars from view by clicking the Gear Icon in Calendar, pointing to the calendar and clicking the Eye Icon.

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