Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Podcast & Blog Format

Hi Everyone! Welcome back!

Audio: S2E1Intro
Video: S2E1Intro

I am back from some time away to catch up on some projects, spending time with family, and just resting and relaxing. Now I'm ready to dive back into blogging & podcasting fpr you with a new podcast format and new blogging techniques.

The new podcast format will be a once-a-week format, sharing some interesting facts, a couple of professional learning tips to help you improve your practice and a couple of technology tool tips to help help you integrate technology into your instructional practices more effectively. I'll also include a look ahead at upcoming events that might interest educators as well.

On the blogging front, I'll be adding short tips in the form of screencasts published to YouTube and embedded into individual blog posts. I'll also post the entire podcast episode each week so you can listen along, too.

Many thanks for returning listeners and readers, and a hearty welcome to anyone new to my podcast and blog. I'll do my best to find something to interest you each week!


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