Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Learn Promethean Videos

Image clipped from YouTube
Recently our District began adopting Promethean interactive display panels. As these began to appear more frequently throughout our schools, many teachers asked where they could find just-in-time resources to help them get used to this new hardware and incorporate it into classroom activities.

This summer, Promethean has published several series of brief videos - around a minute long, more or less - explaining how to use various components and features of their products. These will be extremely helpful for those who are just getting started with this technology, and a nice reminder for those who are already using it but need a little refresher after the summertime. 

To find the videos, just visit YouTube and search for the Promethean Video channel. There are 5 main playlists to visit: 
These links are also posted in the "How Do I" section of my website.

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