Monday, July 16, 2018

Create Your Google Classroom Strategy with John Sowash

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Google Classroom is a great tool to help teachers organize & manage digitally-enhanced classrooms. John Sowash, blogger at The Electric Educator and author of The Chromebook Classroom, offers some great tips for you to consider when organizing your online learning environment.
  • Create a new class every year or semester when your roster changes
  • Create a separate section for each period 
  • Create a unique environment for each subject (elementary) OR use topics to organize them
  • Break up year-long courses into semesters
  • Avoid reusing courses - you can reuse content from old, archived courses
  • Include grade, year, period, etc., in course title to help organize your Drive folders 
One item I learned from this: If you don't yet have access to the new Google Classroom tools, wait until you do or your class will have to go through the whole semester using the old Classroom interface, and you'll miss out on a lot of the new features. I would encourage you to follow John's advice and wait until these new features become more widely available.
Watch & listen to all of John's tips in the video below: 

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