Thursday, May 10, 2018

End of Year Tech Tips, part 3

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Part 3 of this series... 

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SMART Boards

  • If it is a wireless board, unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • If you choose to clean your SMART Board:
  • Use spray-on glass cleaner, whiteboard cleaner, etc. (The liquid that custodians use to clean whiteboards works very well.)
  • NEVER use anything abrasive (Soft Scrub, Comet, etc.)
  • NEVER use anything with bleach-like qualities (Clorox or Lysol wipes/liquids with bleach or “bleach alternatives,” etc.)
  • ALWAYS spray onto a soft cloth first, then wipe the surface of the SMART Board.
  • NEVER spray cleaning products directly onto the SMART Board’s surface!
  • NEVER-EVER spray water or cleaning products onto the pen tray or into the pen or eraser “wells.”
  • NEVER SCRUB the surface of the SMART Board. This will leave distracting “shiny spots” that can never be repaired.

Promethean Boards & Flat Panel Displays

  • If you choose to clean a Promethean Board, remember that it is covered with really tough glass, so in most cases just a spritz or two of some mild glass/window cleaner onto a soft cloth will do the trick. Avoid spraying cleaners directly onto the board, as overspray and runoff can damage the device. A microfiber cloth is best to dry it off.  
  • If you choose to clean some other large flat-panel display, gently run your fingertips across the screen first. 
  • If it feels like glass, see the instructions for Promethean boards, above. 
  • If it feels like a computer monitor screen, follow the computer monitor cleaning instructions under the Computers & Monitors section above.   


  • If your projector is mounted to the wall or ceiling, always use a ladder or step-stool or ask a custodian for assistance.
  • NEVER stand on chairs, tables, etc., to reach something overhead
  • Unplug the projector from the wall outlet or power strip. (Please note: In a few applications, this outlet may have been installed above the SMART Board.)
  • Remove and clean the filter by blowing the dirt & dust-bunnies off of it. Reinsert the filter the way you found it. 
  • Never leave the filter out of the projector! 
  • DO NOT USE COMPRESSED OR “CANNED” AIR TO CLEAN THE PROJECTOR – this forces crud deeper into the machine.
  • Install the lens cap (if available) or slide the shutter closed, depending on the device.
  • Place portable projectors inside the carrying case (if provided) and zip or Velcro the flap closed.
  • OPTIONAL: After you have ensured that the power has been disconnected from the projector, a simple dust cover may be applied by placing a trash can liner around the projector and securing it to the mounting arm with a single piece of masking tape.

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