Thursday, May 10, 2018

End of Year Tech Tips, part 2

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Part 2 of this series... 

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Mobile Labs & Chromebook Carts 

  • Make sure every laptop or Chromebook is powered off completely. No lights should be visible if it is completely off. 
  • Place each device in the numbered slot inside the cart.
  • Plug the appropriate charging cable into each device. This will make it easier to recharge the devices at the beginning of the next school year.
  • Unplug the cart’s charging cable(s) from the wall outlet(s) and wrap loosely around the cart’s handle(s) or coil & lay on top of the cart.
  • Make sure the cart is locked securely. 
  • Store the key/combination per your building principal’s instructions.
  • Store the cart per your building principal’s instructions.
  • If your school’s facilities allow, storage in an air-conditioned environment can be helpful. Humidity is the enemy of most electronic devices.

Calculators, Senteo Clickers, Cameras, Web Cams, etc.

  • Remove batteries (if they have them) 
  • If possible, arrange for storage in an air-conditioned environment.
  • If these were borrowed at some point, please return to Matt Jacobson or your building’s Library & Information Specialist for storage. 

Desktop Computers, Monitors, etc.

  • Shut everything down completely. (If you see a light “inside” the power button on the computer or monitor, you haven’t shut it down all the way yet.)
  • Lombard Middle School: WITcon will occur in your building this summer. Leave your computers, monitors, & SMART Boards connected and plugged in, please.
  • Unless instructed otherwise by the Technology Department, unplug  the computer, monitor, and any peripheral devices (like printers, speakers, cameras, etc.)  from the wall outlets. 
  • If computers/peripherals are plugged into a power strip, simply unplug the power strip from the wall.
  • Unless instructed differently, you may leave the rest of the cables and cords attached, including the keyboard & mouse, etc.
  • Move things away from your computer & monitor. If maintenance is required over the summer, this will help the techs get their jobs done more quickly.
  • TIP: Many cables/connections are already color-coded to match up with the proper port on the back of the computer. If you choose to disconnect cables (keyboards, printers, monitors, etc.) that are not already color-coded, write a label for each cable with masking tape and attach it to the cable – also put a similar label on the device from which it was removed. This will speed up the reconnection process when you return after summer!
  • Dust covers, etc., are nice but are not required. However, NEVER COVER A DEVICE THAT IS STILL PLUGGED INTO A WALL OUTLET or a power strip that is still plugged into a wall outlet – even if you think the power strip or device is switched off!

Computer Labs

  • Turn all machines OFF, but leave them all plugged-in to allow for updates & maintenance.


If you choose to clean the monitor on your desktop, UNPLUG it first, then… 

  • Dust it off gently. Much of what you see is probably surface dust.
  • For more persistent grunge, hold a soft, slightly damp cloth gently on the offending crud & let the moisture do the work. Then gently wipe away any remaining moisture with a soft dry cloth.  
  • If that doesn’t get it all, repeat but dampen the cloth with a few drops of warm water. 
  • Still need more help? Spray a little glass/window cleaner onto a cloth & repeat. 

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