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Podcast Episode 018: Book Creator

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Book Creator is a great way to create free high-quality products online using Chromebooks. Check it out at app.bookcreator.com

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Today I'd like to briefly introduce you to Book Creator.  Book Creator started out as a an iPad app and very recently has released a browser-based book creation service that will allow you and your students to collaborate on a classroom publication.

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Getting Started
Just visit app.bookcreator.com to get started. Then click the big orange New Book button in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Then select a layout and format for your book.

On the next screen you're presented with a blank canvas. You'll start by designing your cover. Look in the upper right-hand corner for the plus sign and click it. This will allow you to insert different media, like images, or drawings, or text boxes that you or your students can type in. you can even add in narration by recording your voice. On the Shapes tab you can add a variety of geometric shapes, thought or speech bubbles, and other interesting objects to jazz up the page. On the i-menu, you can change the background color of your page or click the plus sign to insert images or browse for other colors. After you have inserted text or images on the page the i-menu will give you a variety of formatting options. just click the image or text that you have inserted, then click the i-menu to explore your options.

Click the plus-sign or right-arrow on the right side of the page to add more pages. When you're all through, click the Play button in the menu bar at the top right corner of your screen to flip through the pages just like flipping through a book.

Click on your account picture and click resources, and you'll find a vast array of ideas to help you use Book Creator with your next classroom project..

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About the free plan
The free version of Book Creator allows a teacher to have up to 40 books at a time on their  virtual library book shelf.  The free version allows a teacher to have one Library only.This works nicely if you are a single teacher working with a single group of students on a project.You can invite students or other teachers to share your library by emailing them a simple code to use to access Book Creator. However they will need to have a Book Creator account as well. Of course you can upgrade your account if you'd like to pay for it to have more books and more collaboration features.

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I can think of a number of reasons to use Book Creator in your classroom. This would be a great way for students to make a book report, a science project report, or any kind of writing project that would benefit from added images or rich media features. It would also be a great way for a class to publish its own yearbook or end-of-year memory book.

In my own classroom I used to do a “How to Succeed in Mr. Jacobson's Class Without Really Trying” project at the end of the year. I would ask students to make a simple four- to eight-page guide on how to complete a project simply and easily. Back in my day, I would laminate the pages, staple them together, and keep them in a shoebox for students to look through if they needed help with a project. Book Creator takes that idea and brings it into the digital world, allowing improved images as well as handwriting, and even hyperlinks to resources or sample products stored in Google Drive. the possibilities really are endless.

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 I hope you've enjoyed this episode and I hope you'll tune in again tomorrow. While you're waiting take a moment to review this podcast on Apple podcasts for Pocket Casts, or use the anchor. FM app to leave me some voice comments or ask a question that I could answer in a future episode. Thanks for listening.

Resources: http://app.bookcreator.com

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