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Podcast Episode 017: 4 Quick Google Calendar Tips

Podcast Episode 017: 4 Quick Google Calendar Tips

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Four quick G-Cal Tips!

  • Find coworkers' calendars
  • Display multiple calendars
  • Invite others, or not
  • Copy an event 



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    Google Calendar can be an amazing tool to  help you stay organized. Today I'd like to go over a few quick tips for using Google Calendar effectively.

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    Finding Calendars
    The easiest way to find a co-worker's calendar is to simply start typing their email address in the “Add a coworker’s calendar” window on the left side of your screen. Once you start typing, a list of names that match the letters you type will appear below the window. keep typing until you see the email address of the person you're looking for then just click on their name. Their calendar will be added to your view in Google Calendar and will be assigned a random color. Their name will appear in the list of calendars below the “My calendars” section, and you will be able to see the events that they have added to their calendar.

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    Displaying Multiple Calendars
    Below the “My calendars” section on the left you'll see a list of all the calendars you subscribe to. If you don't want to see a calendar displayed on your screen, simply click the colored box to remove the check mark and the events will no longer appear on screen. To view them again, click the square to the left of the name and the events reappear. If you point to the name of a calendar on the left, you'll see an X and three dots appear. The X will remove that calendar from your list of calendars. The three dots offer extra  options. You can display that calendar only and hide all the other calendar events from your view. You can hide that calendar from your list of calendars. You can change the color of that calendar. Or you can explore other settings and sharing options.

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    Invite others to view your calendar, or not
    By default, your Google calendar will be visible to the public. If you'd like to change that, go to your calendar in the “My calendars” list and click the three-dot menu. Click “Settings and sharing.” Under “Access permissions,” you'll see a blue checkmark next to “Make available to public.” If you don't want people to see your calendar, simply uncheck that box.  You'll also see in this section a blue link called “Get shareable link.” You can copy the shareable link and paste into a website or an email to allow others to find your calendar easily. For example if you visit you'll find a link to add the district calendar to your own personal calendar.

    Back in Google Calendar, there's another way to share your calendar with others. Go back to your settings and find the “Share with specific people” section.  You can simply click the ADD PEOPLE link and type in their email address. This will send a sharing request to their Gmail inbox.

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    Copy an Event to Your Personal Calendar
    If you find an event on another calendar and you would like to add it to your own calendar, simply click on the event, click the three-dot menu, and choose “Copy to your calendar.” You'll also find a “Duplicate” option in this menu. This will allow you to create an exact copy of the event that you can then edit if needed. If you use this command to add something to your own calendar, make sure you change the calendar shown on this events edit screen before you save the event.

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    Google Calendar can be an amazingly powerful tool. Don't be afraid of it though. If you’d like any assistance with setting up or using Google Calendar, please let me know and I’ll be happy to walk you through it. Thanks for listening, and I hope you’ll join me again next time.

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