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Podcast Episode 014: PD Credit Opportunities

Podcast Episode 014: PD Credit Opportunities

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I would like to take a moment and remind staff that District 205 offers a number of training activities that qualify for professional development credits. These include after school classes, book studies that vary  in topic and are a mixture of online and in-person activities, and online Google certification cohort activities that occur each semester. These activities can count for anywhere from 1 to more than 20 PD credits depending on your level of participation. Further, a number of  online courses are available to Educators through Ed leaders Network that offer PD credits through the Illinois principals Association. All of these activities are 100% free of charge to teachers and will help satisfy license renewal requirements.  Educators have lots of opportunities to keep their license up to date without spending a dime.

We have also started a PD Advisory Group, which is sort of a focus group to help inform future future professional learning opportunities. All teachers have been invited to participate. District 205 employees can learn about the group’s discussions by visiting our website at 

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There seems to be a lot of questions about whether or not curriculum work counts for Professional Development Credit. (The credits formerly known as CPDUs.)

Beginning January 1, 2015, ISBE changed the rules about the activities for which school districts can issue PD Credits. Generally speaking, PD Credits can be issued for training activities through which educators gain new knowledge & skills to use in classrooms.

School district superintendents are given the authority to decide if PD Credit may be issued for training or other activities.  
Independently, both our previous and current Superintendents have decided that curriculum work - writing down, adjusting, and sharing what happens in classrooms - does not fit ISBE’s definition of training. While a well-articulated curriculum is very important, PD Credit will not be issued for these activities.

-------------- UPDATE ---------------

Shortly after recording the last segment, 2 schools did request PD Credit for unique training activities that their principals had planned. So, staff at a couple of schools will receive PD Credit during our April 11 activities. 

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