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Manage Lesson Resources with OneTab

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Learn how to make life easier and keep your lesson plans up-to-date and accessible from almost anywhere with a nifty little Chrome extension called OneTab.

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How can teachers possibly be expected to keep all of their lesson resources up to date and available to students? There are SO many changes taking place all the time - so many resources and articles being published and updated these days - How can you stay on top of it all, and how can you keep your lesson plans on the cutting edge without search through Drive?

Well, here’s an idea that may help you do just that, and it uses this nifty Chrome extension called OneTab. Let’s say you have a bunch of different web resources all ready to go for class, and each is open in its own Chrome tab. With a single click, OneTab will consolidate these all down into a list of clickable hyperlinks. Click the “Share as a web page” link and you can distribute it to your students through Google Classroom.

Now, OneTab has a bunch of other features, but follow me on this for just a moment. Now that you have turned your list of resources into a web page, you can click the little star in the omnibox - that’s what Google calls the web address window - to bookmark that web page so it is available anywhere and anytime you open Chrome. You can also rename your bookmarks anything you want to name them, and organize them into folders in your Chrome Bookmarks Bar. And, one more thing to remember… Any Google Doc or Sheets or Slides file or Forms Quiz also opens as a web page that you can bookmark as well, right? See where I’m going with this yet?

Let’s say you opened up your Lesson Plan in a tab, and then opened up all of the web-based resources you needed to teach that lesson, including the Docs warm-up activity, the Slides file you use to present new knowledge, the YouTube video that illustrated the points, the web sites you want kids to explore to learn more, the Forms Quiz link you’ll use to assess your students’ knowledge, and so on, all as separate tabs in a Chrome browser window. Then you use OneTab to distill these down into a single page of links with your Lesson Plan at the top, and saved this as a bookmark that you rename Unit 4 Lesson 3 Day 1. You could do this for each lesson in your Unit and save them all in a Bookmarks Bar folder called Unit 4.

When you want to add or remove a resource, just open the OneTab page you want to modify. Click the Star icon to remove the bookmark designation and restore all the resources to their own tabs. Next, add or remove resources as needed. Remember that you can drag tabs left and right to get them in just the right order. Then click the OneTab icon again to make a new list as a webpage. Then bookmark it, rename it, and put it back in the folder where it should live.

Now remember, you can have folders inside of folders in your Bookmarks Bar, so you could distill this down into a folder of bookmarks for Reading and a folder for Math and so on. Open a Subject folder and see all the Units in nice tidy folders. Open a Unit folder and see the daily lesson plans and resources. Open the lesson and see the Lesson plan at the top with all of the resources below. Restore all the links, or click on them one at a time, and you’re ready to teach.

Check out how OneTab and see how it can save you a world of effort!

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