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Podcast Episode 007: Podcasting About Other Podcasts

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In this episode: What's On My Pod Roll?

Episode 007: Podcasting About Other Podcasts 

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Podcasting about Other Podcasts
March 23, 2018 E.007

Hi! This is Matt, and welcome back to Talking Tech & Learning in District 205! I’m glad you could drop in and listen today!

Podcasts have been around for many years, but I started listening to podcasts in earnest really only about a year ago. I am constantly amazed at the many great ideas I gather from these podcasts, as well as the encouragement and motivation I receive from each, including the impetus to venture forth and try podcasting myself. Podcasts can be a great form of personal professional learning and entertainment for anyone, and I would recommend listening to podcasts to almost anyone. 

Recently on Twitter many of the podcasters I follow and listen to have been tweeting with #trypod to encourage folks to expand their personal learning networks and entertainment options. So, for anyone looking for some ideas to follow, here’s what I’m following: 

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First of all, the inspiration for this podcast was Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook every weekday podcast. I also listen to The Google Teacher Tribe podcast, by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell, which is released about every Monday. I listen to The 10 Minute Teacher podcast by Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher, who podcasts every weekday. Another education podcast that is not to be missed is The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez. 

The House of EdTech by Chris Nesi is very good. Chris Nesi also founded The Education Podcast Network, which helps publish lots of amazing series, including the previously mentioned Google Teacher Tribe, The Cult of Pedagogy, and many other quality shows. 

I also like The Chromebook Classroom, by Google Certified Trainer & Innovator John Sowash, and Check This Out, With Brian Briggs & Ryan O'Donnell. My latest find is The EdTech Takeout, with Mindy Cairney & Jonathan Wylie from the Grant Wood AEA in Iowa. 

When I’m taking a break from work, I listen to the TED Radio Hour from NPR, and The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame.

My go-to podcatcher is the PocketCasts app from the Google Play Store, but most of these can be found through lots of different podcast venues. I’ll put links to all of these in the shownotes for this episode so you can explore on your own. 

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Last, it is Spring Break time here in Galesburg, so I’ll be taking a week off to relax a bit, and probably write some more episodes for this podcast. I’ll be back on the air in April! Hope you’ll join me!    

What's on my Pod Roll? & 

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