Thursday, March 22, 2018

Podcast Episode 006: PD Scholarships in District 205

Learn all about our new PD Scholarships program for teachers in District 205!

Podcast Episode 006: PD Scholarships in District 205

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NOTE: You can go to WITcon AND participate in PD Scholarships if you wish!

PD Scholarships

March 22, 2018 E.006

Hi! This is Matt Jacobson, Technology Curriculum & Professional Development Coordinator for Galesburg Community Unit School District 205 in Galesburg, Illinois. We’re Talking Tech & Learning in 205 again today on Anchor.FM! This is your home for daily professional learning updates, tech tips, and teaching ideas to help further the learning of our students and the teachers who serve them. I’m glad you could join us today! 

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First off, no PD is being scheduled during Emergency Make Up days in May this year. 

Next, we have an exciting opportunity for your professional learning needs! 

Would you like to attend a conference or workshop that is taking place during summer vacation 2018 that would benefit your school's School Improvement Plan goals & activities? Simply complete an application form and return to me no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 03, 2018. All applications will be considered using the same rubric. A team of principals will help me score applications after Break. The event for which you apply must occur during Summer Break 2018. All funds, including reimbursement requests, must be disbursed by 08/31/2018.

Learn more about this program at, where you'll find the application, rubric, and FAQs like these… 

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Where does the money for these scholarships come from? 
As I mentioned at the top of the episode, during the past 2 years we had set aside Title II Professional Development funds to provide PD opportunities with stipends for teachers on any unused Emergency Make Up dates in May. We are simply putting those funds to use in a slightly different way. However, the dollars must still be applied to Professional Learning related to goals outlined in School and/or District Improvement Plans.

Why does this have to happen in the summer?
Given our current substitute teacher shortage, we thought it best to offer this as a summer-only opportunity. Plus, this may allow teams from a school or across schools to try something "out-of-the-box." It's an experiment. Let's see what happens! 

Can I go to a conference with my friends?
Sure! If your friends teach in the same building or grade level as you, and your can demonstrate the benefits of the whole group attending together, then I don't see a problem with that. Of course, we may have to limit the size of the team to allow for other individual's or group's applications. Let's see what applications we receive, and then we'll figure things out from there. 

How much can I apply for?
We reserve the right to limit/reduce requested awards based on availability of funds & numbers of applications from the same school and/or grade level - we'd like to try to spread this around as much as we can. That said, a lot will depend on the applications we receive. Give it a shot, we'll be in touch. We may be in touch to clarify/adjust budgets as needed prior to award announcements. Amended/Edited applications will be judged by the date of receipt of the final version.

Can I apply for a conference that is outside of Illinois? 
It depends. If it is within reasonable driving distance we will definitely consider it. Beyond that, we'll have to balance lots of factors, like air fare vs. ground transportation, availability of similar activities that are closer, etc. Alaska, Hawaii, and places beyond the continental US will likely be out of our price range.

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Read more, find some links to listings of Professional Development Opportunities, view the rubric, and complete your application at 

PLEASE NOTE: This is different from WITcon! There are still plenty of free registration slots available! See how to apply Attendance at WITcon has absolutely no bearing on this scholarship experiment! You can participate in both if you wish!

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