Monday, March 19, 2018

Pear Deck Tutorials

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Pear Deck is a nifty tool that will help you keep students focused during class.

The free version of Pear Deck will allow you to insert simple formative assessment tools into existing slide presentations (like Google Slides, MS Powerpoint, etc.). The free version is limited to forced choice and short- or long-response items. The forced-choice slides can be automatically graded, but the short- and long-response items will need to be hand-scored. A wider variety of assessment tools are available in the paid version, of course.

Once your slide deck is prepared, you can enter projector mode, give your class a sign-in code (much like Google Classroom, Kahoot, etc.), and then you can control what appears on your students' screens. When you advance a slide, it will advance on your students' screens, etc.

Pear Deck also allows you to create and share virtual flashcards to assist students in checking comprehension. These flashcards can be shared with students through Pear Deck, or you can export them to Quizlet, depending on which format your students are familiar with.

I've collected some tutorial videos for you into a YouTube playlist, embedded below.


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