Sunday, March 4, 2018

PD Mandates Clarification

Info shared with staff 02/25/2018
There are a number of trainings in which every teacher must participate by law. Some must be done annually; some every-other year. Just because you don’t see any “assigned” to you does not necessarily mean you are done.

All teachers in District 205 were furnished with this guide on October 2017. See tabs at bottom. 

Check with your principal to see which ones may have been done in person, then complete any remaining topics in the red and yellow columns through EdLeaders Network (ELN).

Do you see an error message stating your access to a course has been removed? Just click the 9-box (“waffle”) menu, click My Learning, the click Learning Library & search for the course.
If you have any difficulties with ELN, please let me know.

Mandated trainings are not eligible for PD Credits toward license renewal.

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