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Like it or not, PARCC season is upon us. Illinois' statewide testing window opens Monday, March 05, and extends through April 20. Each school building may set its own testing dates and schedules within that window, though. Check with your school principal, who is your School Test Coordinator, for specific details.

Most regular classroom teachers are considered Test Administrators. School Test Coordinators may designate other staff to assist with test administration as well. Paper copies of Test Administrator Manuals were provided early last week. Digital copies may be downloaded from ISBE's PARCC Place. Teachers should also be aware of the PARCC Calculator Policy. Additionally, it is important for teachers of students with special needs to become familiar with the Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual. All of these manuals can also be accessed via the Avocet website.

ISBE requires that Test Administrators attend the School Test Coordinator's mandatory training. Because this training is viewed by ISBE as a required part of a teacher's duties, District 205 is not allowed to provide PD Credit for this activity.

If you have questions about test administration during the test, you may also find our local PARCC Training & Resources website ( helpful. It is divided into 3 main sections: Things to do Before Testing, During Testing, and After Testing. Each page has 10 or fewer tasks to do at each stage, and many of those tasks are supported with step-by-step tutorial slides. There are also Resources and FAQs that can help you understand the process more fully. Those who would like further information may find the PARCC online training modules helpful.

In general, to get your questions answered:

  1. Read Those Fantastic Manuals 
  2. Attend your Principal's training session
  3. When you have questions, go back & check your manual
  4. If the manual doesn't answer the question, check the website
  5. If your question still isn't answered, contact your Principal

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