Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mindset Book Study

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How can you help students - and yourself - focus on the factors that lead to positive growth to foster increasing success?  Author Carol Dweck offers her insights on the topic based on years of research in Mindset, The New Psychology of Success.

Dweck examines the characteristics and origins of two mindsets - fixed and growth - and how they influence achievements in various areas of our lives. The book closes with ideas to help change mindsets to focus on positive growth and perseverance. 

Our Book Study will meet 4 times (once monthly) from February through May 2018. Our discussions will focus on how we can apply Dweck's research directly to our classrooms, our students, and ourselves.

The first 25 persons to commit to all four meetings will receive a copy of Dweck's Mindset book free! This book study is only open to teachers in Galesburg CUSD 205.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tech & PD Advisory Groups

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During the Spring 2018 semester I'll be organizing a couple of advisory groups to help make sure we're leading our District along the proper paths to support student learning. Both groups are completely voluntary, and will help guide future decision making across the District.
Obviously, membership in these groups is only open to volunteers from within Galesburg CUSD 205. Membership is completely voluntary. Committee Stipends and PD Credits are not available. Thanks for considering!

Technology Advisory Group 

Teachers are invited to participate in a voluntary technology advisory group to help guide the implementation of technology supporting student learning. The group will discuss what appropriate technology integration should and does look like throughout our schools, offer advice on future technology implementation, and help communicate these ideas throughout the District.
     Proposed meeting dates (Tentative, subject to approval and group consensus):
     Feb 14, Mar 08, Apr 05, May 03
     Meetings will be held in Room B-6 at Lincoln Education Center, 4-5pm. Other meetings may be scheduled depending on the group's needs.

Professional Development Advisory Group 

Teachers are invited to participate in a voluntary professional development advisory group to help guide professional learning experiences that support student learning, School Improvement Plans, and the District Improvement Plan. The group will review those plans and advise future professional learning opportunities supporting student needs and increased student achievement.
     Proposed meeting dates (Tentative, subject to approval and group consensus):
     Feb 22, Mar 19, Apr 19, May 17
     Meetings will be held in Room B-6 at Lincoln Education Center, 4-5pm.  Other meetings may be scheduled depending on the group's needs.

Group members will be selected from those who volunteer​, and even representation across grade levels & buildings will be sought. ​Each group will meet 4-6 times per semester. ​Each ​group will be facilitated by Matt Jacobson.​ Committee Stipends and Professional Development Credits are not available​ for these voluntary meetings.​ ​ These are voluntary opportunities​ to share ideas and learn from one another. ​

Tech 2018

Tech 2018 is an opportunity for you and your students to show Illinois lawmakers how essential education technology is to your students and your classroom activities. You and your students can display your tech-enabled student activities in the Capitol Rotunda in Springfield! Learn more here.

All schools and districts in Illinois are invited to apply to participate. Selected schools will send teams of up to four participants to TECH 2018 which will include two or three students accompanied by one teacher and/or administrator.

School selections will be made on the basis of the location of the school within the state, grade level, type of demonstration proposed and diversity in student learning styles. Each participating school will be provided a table in the Capitol Building on which to showcase project information.

All demonstrations will take place Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Tech2018 is sponsored by Illinois Computing Educators. You can join ICE for free and make sure to specify your local chapter as entICE - a chapter serving west-central Illinois.

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