Thursday, December 7, 2017

PLCs, Training, and PD Credits

(For Galesburg CUSD 205 only) 

I am often questioned about awarding PD Credit for department or team meetings, etc. My answer has been and continues to be "No." 

Long Story Short: 

A gathering of educators talking about stuff is NOT a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and will not be awarded PD Credit in our school district.

The Long Story:

  • School Districts are not allowed to give PD Credit for routine meetings and activities within the usual & expected duties of an educator's assignment. 
    • Such duties are determined by Principals or direct supervisors, not me. Talk to your Principal first.
  • We can give PD Credits for training and limited follow-up/implementation meetings IF those meetings are solely for improving upon the execution of skills taught in the training. 
    • By "limited" I'm going to stick to my previous guideline of "within the semester when the training was delivered," unless there are specific circumstances that require a different implementation timeline. 
      • Examples: Ongoing training conducted throughout the year, Training given near the end of a semester, As directed by the Superintendent, etc. 
  • Specific PLC meetings can be counted for PD Credit, but rebranding a staff or department meeting is NOT a PLC, as such meetings are often focused on the usual & expected duties of an educator's assignment. (see above)  
    • I will continue to say "no" to such requests until formal training in how to lead a PLC is conducted.
    • I will re-assess that decision after such training is delivered, provided the PLC meetings are led by a trained facilitator and conform to the intent & purpose of the true PLC model and are conducted with fidelity according the training delivered.
      • PLC training IS eligible for PD Credit, however.
Specific guidance for educators is available from ISBE
Both of these documents are freely available to the public, and have been provided to all educators in the past. These are the latest versions of such guidance (at the time of this publication) and supercede any/all previous/older documentsThis is not new information. 
PD Credits must be requested via internal email at least 2 weeks in advance, with clear training outcomes, training dates/locations, and anticipated agenda topics. PD Credits well never be awarded retroactively. The Illinois State Board of Education does not allow the awarding of PD Credits without a completed sign in and a completed evaluation form from each individual participating in the training.   

Questions from Galesburg CUSD 205 staff should be delivered via school email. 
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