Saturday, August 19, 2017

Try EduClipper as a Pinterest Alternative

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We understand that lots of educators use Pinterest to gather & organize links and images they find while browsing the Web. Unfortunately, lots of people use Pinterest for purposes that are not appropriate for school. In short: Perverts Pin Porn. So how can you curate Web resources on a site that's safer for your classroom?

EduClipper is an educationally-oriented alternative to Pinterest. It works in much the same way - users can organize websites, images, documents, etc., into “Boards” and “Portfolios” that you can share with others. It even has a mobile app and a bookmarklet: just drag the “eduClip It” button up to your browser's bookmark bar to make things a lot easier.

EduClipper has several education-specific features that allow you to create groups and virtual classes. Teachers can share Boards to all students or create differentiated groups. It will allow you to create Assignments by adding clips, images, Google Docs, etc., to a Board. Students can attach their new work to the Board and share it back with the teacher.

When teachers create a class, a class portfolio is automatically created to help students track their work during the term or school year. Teachers can give targeted feedback via document, comment, or audio/video upload.

Give EduClipper a try!

Note: I learned about EduClipper from Free Tech For Teachers 

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