Saturday, August 19, 2017

Import SMART Notebook to Promethean Flipcharts

Several teachers have asked about importing SMART Notebook files to use with Promethean Board software. It is extremely simple:

If you use ActiveInspire, check out this quick video:

However, Promethean Planet is moving over to a new environment called ClassFlow, which works really well on both the desktop and the web-based version (for Chromebooks). The process is simple with ClassFlow software, too - here's how:

Just plug a flash drive containing your SMART Notebook files into a Chromebook (Internet connection required) and create a free account to get started!

Create A Classflow Account
2. Click the LogIn button (not Create An Account... trust me...)

3. Log in as a Teacher

4. Scroll down and log in with your G+ profile 

5. Turn off your pop-up blocker if needed and select your school GMail account

6. Go to the Resources tab and click the NEW button. At the bottom of the menu, click Convert and choose SMART Notebook (or Power Point, or ActivInspire Flipchart, etc.) 

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