Monday, December 19, 2016

Hapara Tip: Focused Browsing

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Hapara’s new interface, which we’ve been using in our Grades 6-12 schools since summertime, includes a feature that will be very helpful to the successful delivery of tech-enabled lessons in your classroom.
That’s code for: Use it and you’ll be a lot less frustrated.

Focused Browsing in Hapara gives you much more control over students’ use of internet resources on school-issued Chromebooks. Focused Browsing lets you to allow only certain websites to be used on student devices for a length of time that you can specify. In other words, you can lock students into the web sites or tools that you want them to use, and lock them out of random browsing in another tab while you’re trying to teach.
Here's a video showing Focused Browsing in action, from The Digital Learning Academy on YouTube...
Learn more about how to use the Focused Browsing feature in Hapara Highlights and other features by going through Hapara's Self-Paced Learning Modules:
Locally, training in the use of Hapara has been offered every semester for the past year and a half through our PD Academy. If you would like to participate in this training again, please let me know by emailing mjacobson<at>galesburg205<dot>org, and I"ll be happy to arrange it for you again!

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