Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PD Opportunities for Galesburg Teachers

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NGSS Science Training

Wondering how to get started with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? During this session, teachers will be asked to try the approach of developing scientific models in the classroom. In doing so many of the other 8 scientific practices will naturally flow into lessons. Student engagement and retention of content should increase as more of the 8 scientific practices become the heart of the science lessons. Facilitators: Bailey Cavacah & Heather Galbreath

Here is your chance to learn some basic French vocabulary and expressions to help you communicate with our French speaking students and their families! We’ll cover basic vocabulary and sentences, practicing oral communication. The course will build on the previous sessions we’ll spend our time practicing while having fun! Facilitator: Lisa Bourial

Blended Learning Tools

Time to give it a try! Blended Learning is simply the joining of traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms with technology to deliver instruction. Join us as we learn one simple tool each evening that will propel your classroom into and engaging and innovative space for learning! We'll start with some very basic concepts to help support your technology integration and build your teaching repertoire with simple ways to use technology in your classroom. Facilitator: Matt Jacobson


Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Hapara Highlights (formerly "Interact") are powerful tools to help teachers manage student activities in digital learning environments. The addition of Hapara Workspaces can help teachers differentiate classroom activities to better meet the diverse learning needs of every student in your classroom. Facilitator: Tara Michels

Using Twitter & TweetDeck to Build Your PLN

Time to Tweet! Twitter is a great way to connect with other educators and build your skills and knowledge through your own Professional Learning Network (#PLN). This session will start with the basics of Twitter, succinct lingo, and using #hashtags. We'll also explore the world of #edchats and how to use TweetDeck to follow along and participate. Facilitator: Matt Jacobson

Performance Learning (Grad Class)

Contact Laurie Aten or Stu Schaafsma for details.

21st Century “Worksheets”

There’s a time & a place for worksheets, just not every time & every place. This 2-session series will help you learn to use a tool called “Wizer” to develop more interactive and dynamic practice activities for students utilizing technology tools. Facilitator: Stephanie Haney

New Teacher Learning Team

Fall Semester Meetings: 10/26, 11/16, 11/30, & 12/14  
Facilitator: Matt Jacobson

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