Thursday, October 6, 2016

Google Tip: Turn an Email Into a Calendar Event

Often times we’ll get an email inviting us to a meeting or other event. You can quickly and easily turn this email into a Google Calendar event right from GMail:
  • With GMail open, click on the message to open it
    • If you use the Preview Pane view, click the pop-out button above the reply button (above) to open the message in a new window.

  • Click the More button and choose Create event

This will open a new event in Google Calendar.  See screenshot below.
  • The subject of the email will be the Event Name - you can edit this as needed.
  • Set the date and time as needed
  • The body of the message will be included in the Description field below - this will likely help you set the time and date above.
  • You can also change Location, the calendar where the event will live (if you use multiple calendars) and remove the video call as you wish.
  • Anyone CC’d on the message will also be invited to the meeting - you can change this if needed to add or remove those invitations.
  • Remember that you can also save attachments to a calendar event so you’ll never forget an agenda or other materials when you go to a meeting!
  • Click the Save button when you’re done and the event will appear on the calendar you have indicated.  

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