Friday, October 28, 2016

Free PD Credits for Twitter EdChats

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Needing some quick PD Credits but just don’t have time for training workshops? ROE #33 now allows the awarding of PD Credit for participating in the Western Illinois EdChats (#wciledchat) on Twitter! All you have to do is…
  1. Create a Twitter Account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Follow the #wciledchat, usually on the last Tuesday night of each month at 8pm CST
  3. Participate in the online discussion
    1. Introduce yourself using the hashtag #wciledchat
    2. Questions will be tagged with “Q1:” “Q2” and so on
    3. Provide your answers/opinions with a corresponding Tweet starting with “A1:” A2:” etc.
    4. End every Tweet with the #wciledchat hashtag
  4. Complete the Google Forms evaluation following the chat, which will be provided online following the chat. Your PD Credit Evidence form will be emailed to you.   

Q: Hey Matt - Can I get PD Credits for any edchat?
A: Not yet, but I’m working with the ROE to explore more options. Stay tuned & keep tweeting!

Q: Hey Matt - Can you show me how to use Twitter some time?
A: Sure! Just sign up for an upcoming class to learn how to Use Twitter & TweetDeck to Build YOUR PLN

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