Friday, October 7, 2016

About Emails

Folks, I understand that we’re all incredibly busy and our inboxes are never empty for long. There’s a lot of information, both interesting and important, for us all to absorb. That’s why my once-a-week email documents are clickable - to help you decide what is important to you & the work you do, and filter out what isn’t.

This week's email (view on the web) is a bit long. It’s hard to reduce the amount of information, but I do make every effort to try to make it more manageable.

Some of the Assessment information is copied and pasted from last week's update, in case you missed it.

Just click on the entries in the Table of Contents to jump to that article. Skip the articles that don't apply to you. The page numbers are a new feature from Google Docs that I'm testing out & demonstrating for you - don't be alarmed.

Best wishes ~Matt
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