Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's the Real Story About the Copiers in 205?

Many misconceptions are floating about regarding the copiers this year. Here’s the FAQ... the 411... the actual facts:

  • Do I have a limited number of copies that I can use this year?
    • No. Copy limits were done away with last year. That has not changed.
  • Why did I start out with $40 on my account when I first logged in to the copier?
    • The District started using software called Papercut to gather data about copier use this year. The $40 displayed is simply a way that Papercut helps staff understand the importance of reducing waste wherever possible.
  • What happens when I see a $0 display?
    • Simply tell your principal, who will ask the Technology Dept to reload your account.
  • Will I be charged an extra $40 every time I need to make more copies this year?
    • No. Employees are not charged for copies. The dollar figure is simply a way to encourage more judicious use of copy/print functions.
  • Why is the District gathering data about the copies I make?
    • School budgets are tighter than ever before. Just as teachers are expected to gather data to support instructional decisions, the district will use the data collected to make appropriately informed budgetary decisions that support both student achievement and the financial health of our schools.   
  • Where can I get ideas to help cut back on the number of copies I’ve been making?
    • Contact Matt Jacobson for ideas on how to use tools like Google Drive & Google Classroom to cut back on the amount of paper used to support your daily classroom activities. We can also talk about different ways to approach some classroom activities incorporating technology tools like Chromebooks, SMART boards, and so on!  
  • So my pay will not be docked if I need more that $40 worth of copies?
    • Correct. That rumor is completely false.
  • And I don’t have any copy limits?
    • Right, but please help us be responsible by cutting back wherever you can.
  • And you’ll help me figure out ways to do that?
    • Yep. Just ask Matt J for help.

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