Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sharing Permissions in Google Drive

Our domain (galesburg205.org) is set up to protect the security of our younger students. Our students can send & receive email & files to/from other galesburg205.org emails/Google accounts. We have to do this to protect our younger students from predators, etc. Teachers and staff, however, have significantly more freedom to share information with parents and others. Here’s how…  
When users click the big blue Share button in the upper right corner of most Google Apps, the file will be shared with only folks in our domain by default. Share1.png
However, click on the Advanced link…


You’ll start out with a Private file that only you can see and edit.
Click the blue Change link


The top two options to allow others to view the document without having to sign in.  
Public on the web will make the file available to public search engines, so that potentially anyone could find the file with a simple Google search. This is NOT recommended for parent communications, for obvious reasons.
Anyone with the link will allow the file to be visible only to the person who has the link. This is a much safer option for communications regarding student information. The file will only be visible to the person receiving the sharing request via email.

Also note that you can control how the recipient can access the file. Can view gives read-only access to the file, which is recommended for information to be shared with parents. Can edit would allow the recipient to modify, edit, and add to text to the document, just like the owner can. This would be useful on documents needing parent input or other action. As always, don’t forget to click Save when you’re done!

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