Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Setting/Resetting EdLeaders Network Passwords

As mentioned during Opening Day activities and at your buildings, all staff will soon have access to EdLeaders Network on-demand video service for professional learning and mandated training. Our goal is to allow teachers more freedom and flexibility to get rooms and lessons set up for kids and spend less time in staff meetings to knock out our ever-growing list of Mandated Trainings.
First, I’m getting a lot of questions about the accounts. Most returning teaching staff should already be in the system. You may have received an email notifying you of your account status back in May 2015 - try searching GMail for a message from either edleadersnetwork.org or ilprincipals.org

The first issue is a bit frustrating - It is very hard to find the link to set or reset your own password. (I’ve contacted the folks at EdLeaders to request this to be changed.) To set up or reset the password for an existing account, visit www.edleadersnetwork.org and click the big blue  LOGIN  button. Then look under the Login button for Forgot Your Password” -  Point to the words “...we can send you a new one.” The words will turn blue - click it and you’ll be redirected to a screen that will let you set or reset your password.

You may try to reset your password and get an error message that starts out with: E-mail address can not be found in our database. This will happen if you are a new staff member, or if you are an aide, food service worker, custodian, etc. You haven’t done anything wrong. I have uploaded your information to EdLeaders Network. They may take 5-10 business days to create your account. (We don’t have any local control over account creation beyond weekly uploads each Friday.)
Next, several folks have expressed concern about the Mandated Reporter Training. This DOES NOT have to be done through EdLeaders Network. VISIT THIS LINK INSTEAD to complete the DCFS training, which is required. When completed, present the certificate that is generated to your building principal so compliance can be documented.

Last, returning staff do not have to complete all of the trainings in the EdLeaders Network site that end with the years 2016-2017. Many of the mandates require annual repetition, but some only need to be completed every 2 years, every 5 years, etc. Your principal should have a list of the trainings we need to complete this year, and may have provided that list to you. Save yourself some time and follow that list, please.  

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