Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Removing Forms & Calendars

Returning teachers may have a number of folders from last year’s classes that may be cluttering up your Google Drive. Additionally, Google Classroom creates shared Google Calendars for all of your students as well. If you don’t use Google Calendar on a regular basis this may be confusing. There are a few things you can do to clean things up.
Make an Archive Folder in Google Drive
Google provides nearly unlimited storage space in your Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. So, you never really have to worry about running out of space!  That means the easiest way to de-clutter Google Drive is to simply make a “2015-2016 Archive” folder and drag all the old folders & files into it. That way nothing is lost and start over with just the basics that you need to start the school year!
If you want to get rid of things completely, you’ll need to take some more aggressive action. Folders and calendars must be deleted manually from students’ and teachers’ individual accounts. Here’s how…

Deleting Folders:  
  • First, make sure there’s nothing to be kept inside the folder.
  • Then simply drag the folder to the trash can icon, or select the file and click the trash can icon.
  • To delete it forever, click the trash can, then look for the downward-pointing triangle next to the word Trash in the upper left and click Empty trash.
  • Confirm as needed and the folder is gone!

Shared With Me
Because you are not the “owner” of documents that have been shared, you can’t really delete files from this viewing option in Google Drive. “Shared With Me” is not really a folder - it is a one-button search option that displays files and folders that others want you to see.  

Removing Calendars
Calendars work a little bit differently. Rather than “deleting,” users will “unsubscribe” themselves from a Calendar. Here’s how…
  • Point to My Calendars or Other Calendars (Each works the same way)
  • Click the downward-pointing triangle and select Settings
  • On this page you’ll see a list of all the calendars that are available to you. (Bet you didn’t know you had that many to see!) There are 4 columns of settings you can modify:
    • Show In List: Check or Un-Check to show or hide the calendar, respectively,
    • Notifications: You can modify how you are notified of events on a particular Calendar
    • Sharing: You can remove persons from the Calendars you own at any time by clicking the little trash can icon to the right of each username. (This may let you remove all students from a class calendar.) You can also change how others can interact with the calendar, too!
    • Unsubscribe: This will remove the Calendar from the user’s view.
Make sure you use the Save button when it appears on these screens!

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