Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Open & Edit PDFs in Google Docs

Google Drive will convert PDF Files into editable text using Google Docs. To do so, simply right-click, or 2-finger click, on a PDF file, choose Open With…, and select Google Docs.

This will convert any identifiable text in the PDF into editable text in a new Google Docs file. Google Docs’ built-in character recognition tools now work on image files, too, so you can turn recognizable text in picture files into editable text! While some formatting may be lost, but you’ll save a TON of time and keystrokes!
DocHub is simple to use & is now built in to Google Drive. It offers the option of drawing text boxes, check boxes, etc., on top of existing documents. Since it is built in, there’s no need to instruct students in how to install the app, etc. Learn to use DocHub here.
CloudConvert is also built in but can be a bit more complicated to use. Some have reported that it can be very easy for kids to stumble into signing up for premium features that may require payment.

A few teachers use Kami to allow students to add text & annotations on top of a scanned document, etc. much like DocHub. Keep in mind that students must also have Kami installed as well to use this feature, and teachers will need to teach students how to use the tool.
While substituting old-fashioned worksheets for editing PDFs is probably one of the least innovative uses of available technology tools, this is a very low-level way to start using Google Apps & Chromebooks with existing files without having kids install or learn other apps. Here are 8 ways to transform instruction, and 10 ways to redefine learning activities using technology.  

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Shift-Z is one of my favorite keyboard Shortcuts! Shift-Z allows you to save almost any file into multiple folders in Google Drive.  Check...

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