Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On-Demand Google Apps Training from Synergyse

Earlier this year, Google acquired the in-app training service (and Chrome extension) called Synergyse. Installing this extension gives you online answers to your questions whenever they might arise!
After installation, you’ll see an icon like the one above in your browser window any time you use a Google application, like Drive, GMail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

The icon uses Google colors to let you know you can find answers to your Google-related questions, and the number in the small red circle shows you how many new tutorials are available to help you. (Once you watch some, the number reduces accordingly.)

Click on the icon to search for answers to your questions, which might be addressed through text or video instructions.

This service is currently available to all teachers and in District 205. We are working to provide this features to students as well, and soon Google reports it will integrate Synergyse into its apps natively - no extension required! We’ll advise you on these changes soon!

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