Thursday, September 29, 2016

NGSS & IL Science Training

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Learn how to revolutionize your science instruction while incorporating Next Generation Science Standards! Join Bailey Cavanah (grade 2), Heather Galbreath (grade 6), and your colleagues from across the District at Nielson Elementary School from 4-5pm on the following dates:

  • Oct 19: Intro to NGSS standards and framework. 8 scientific practices, CCC’s, and 3-dimensional lessons.
  • Oct 26:Continuation of Day 1. Example lesson #1 (Collapsing Bottle) and anchoring phenomena. SEP of modeling.
  • Nov 2: Example lesson #2 (Biggest Sucker). Lesson #3 (Soap Bubbles). Air puppy explanation. SEP of modeling and including other practices & CCC’s.
  • Nov 9: Questions from lessons #2 and #3. Moving toward more student-led discussions.
  • Nov 14: EQuIP Rubric checklist with lesson. What does NGSS look like at each grade level? Making lessons more 3-dimensional?
  • Nov 21: Assessment tasks, rubrics, evidence statements. How can we develop new science assessment tasks aligned to NGSS?

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This training is appropriate for all grade levels.

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