Thursday, September 22, 2016

Have you cleaned your filter this week?

Using all these gadget-y things in the classroom is fun and it helps kids learn, but ed tech also requires some basic standard maintenance, too.

Please help prolong the life of the projectors associated with SMART Boards by cleaning the projector frequently and regularly. Once each week is a good rule of thumb.

Within the District, I try to send a weekly email update every week. When that message shows up in your inbox, consider that your reminder to clean out the filter on the projector.

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Here's how to clean the filter each week:

  • Turn the projector off. Unplugging it wouldn't hurt, either.
  • Stand on a step-stool or ladder. Avoid standing on a chair or desk, etc. Ask your custodian for assistance as needed. DO NOT ASK STUDENTS TO DO THIS. 
  • Locate the filter. As you are looking into the big fish-eye lens, you'll see a small black plastic part just to the side. That's the filter. (It's circled in red in the image above.)
  • Remove the Filter. Grab the black plastic filter with your thumb and index finger and pull it straight out toward the SMART Board.
  • Gently shake or blow the dust off the filter. You might want to do that over a trash can.
  • Reinsert the filter. It only fits one way - the same way you took it out. Don't force it.
  • Examine  the projector for dust buildup. If you see a lot of dust & debris built up, especially around the cooling vents, gently brush it away from the projector - never in towards it .

NEVER RUN THE PROJECTOR WITHOUT A CLEAN FILTER PROPERLY INSTALLED! You wouldn't run your car's engine without an oil filter, would you? Let's hope not. The same is true for the SMART Board projector.

NEVER USE COMPRESSED OR "CANNED" AIR TO CLEAN THE SURFACE OR COOLING VENTS OF THE PROJECTOR! This will only force surface dirt & other crud DEEPER into the projector. And that's not good.

If you notice a lot of dirt built up in and around the cooling vents, if the image seems to be getting dimmer, or if your projector starts "making noise," it probably needs professional attention. Submit a Tech Help Request from your classroom computer... quickly...  to have someone from the Tech Department drop by and check it over for you.

And remember, when you see that Tech & PD Update in your inbox, ask yourself...
"Did I clean my filter this week?"

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