Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Finding Missing Files & Folders in Google Drive

Several times I’ve been working on a Google Doc or Slides file, taken a break, and later find I’ve forgotten where the file was supposed to “live” in Drive. Sometimes no matter how hard I look, I just can’t seem to find it!  What should I do? Panic? Call 911? No. Simply remember:
Google started out as a search engine.
Since Google is, at its heart, a way to search for things, there are LOTS of shortcuts and tools to help you find supposedly “missing” files.


These are found to the left, below the NEW button:

  • Click Shared with me if it’s something that was, y’know, shared with you
  • Click Recent if it’s something you were working on, um, recently  
  • Google Photos: Most folks skip this one usually
  • Starred: This is a think-ahead strategy - If it’s a project, unit, or lesson that you’ll be working on for a while, click the star outline next to the document’s title while you’re working on it, then you’ll be able to come back to it easily by clicking the Starred shortcut
  • Unless you have a habit of emptying the Trash, you’ll probably find an accidentally-deleted file here.  

Advanced Search Tools

To the right of the words Google Drive you’ll see a search bar. You can type words from the title, words that might be found in the document, etc., and you’ll probably run across your errant file. To be more precise, however, click the triangle to the right and you’ll reveal all sorts of tools to help find those runaway documents in a snap!

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Shift-Z is one of my favorite keyboard Shortcuts! Shift-Z allows you to save almost any file into multiple folders in Google Drive.  Check...

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