Tuesday, September 20, 2016

entICE in Galesburg!

ICE - or Illinois Computing Educators - has started a new chapter in western Illinois! The Chapter is named for all western Illinois Educators Needing Technology, or entICE.  (Thanks to our own Dawn Malcolm at CJHS for coming up with the name!)

And, during its inaugural year at least, membership is FREE OF CHARGE!
The goal of entICE is to support educators who are integrating technology into instructional activities. Membership is open to any public or private preK-20+ educator, administrator, or pre-service teacher in counties served by ROE 33 and ROE 26 who wants to learn more about educational technology. We’ll meet monthly at different locations across the region to share ideas, learn new techniques, network with one another, and perhaps even enjoy a guest speaker now and again. Members can also apply for classroom mini-grants, scholarships, and enjoy other membership perks, including PD Credits through ICE. Learn more at iceberg.org
Please mark your calendars for our inaugural membership kickoff party on October 13, from 5-6pm, at a location to be announced soon!
More information will be coming soon!

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