Tuesday, September 20, 2016

5 Chromebook Classroom Tips

  1. It's a Tool for Learning - Avoid giving kids "free time to play games" using Chromebooks. We all agree that instructional time is far too valuable. Use sites like AGoogleADay.com to challenge kids' Google search skills AND avoid the inevitable,"I'm done early - what do I do now?"
  2. It's Not "Your" Chromebook - Kids don't own those devices. Train yourself to use the terms "the Chromebook" or "the device" to remind students that the school is allowing them to use these learning tools for the engaging and important lessons you have developed for them. IMPORTANT: Students should also be reminded that there is no assumption of privacy while using the school's devices.
  3. Clearly Define "Screens Down" and "Screens Up" Activities - Add these phrases to your classroom management toolkit. Train students to close the Chromebook when teachers are giving instructions. Don’t proceed until everyone in class has complied and reinforce the expectation as needed. Students should then wait to raise their screens only when you instruct them to do so.
  4. For Galesburg205.org Store - Students may only install apps from a part of the Chrome Web Store marked For Galesburg205.org > Need to add an app? email mjacobson@galesburg205.org or call 2108.
Clearly Define, Rehearse, and Reteach Expectations - Define clearly & demonstrate to students what is appropriate. Talk with others at your grade level, team, or department & be consistent. Rehearse the expectation so kids perform the task exactly as you expect. Later, if (when?) students forget, stop instruction and reteach the expectation as needed. Teach, model, & reinforce your expectations regularly - you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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