Tuesday, September 20, 2016

4 Simple Tips to Help Students Avoid Chromebook Repairs

Among the most frequent repairs seen in grades 6-12 over the past couple of years are cracked screens and broken bottom-shells. Broken bottom shells happen when the device is dropped. Chacked screens tend to happen for 2 reasons: students have placed other materials in the Chromebook case or between the keyboard & screen, or students have compressed the Chromebook, often between books inside an overstuffed backpack.
To help students and parents avoid repairs, reinforce these simple tips in your classroom frequently:

  1. Nothing goes inside the case except the Chromebook
  2. Nothing goes between the keyboard and screen except fingers when you’re typing
  3. Don’t move until the Chromebook is zipped up inside the case or held with 2 hands
  4. Carry the Chromebook case by the handles, not inside a backpack.

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