Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Windows 8 Love

Back in January I got my first taste of Windows 8 (make that Windows RT, a little while after the release of Microsoft Surface RT). Now, I'm a convert, and I'm sure a continual pain in the neck to the folks in our Tech Department.
  • "So, when are we going to push Win8 out to staff?"
  • "Have you tried the 8.1 preview yet?"
  • Which I'm sure leads to their non-verbal thoughts of, "Kid, don't you think we have other things to do these days?" 
I have to say, it take a little time to adjust to the interface. It works more intuitively with a touch interface, as compared to a mouse interface, but both can work interchangeably. What made it easier to me was to think of it as a horizontal arrangement of all the programs I would otherwise see in the vertical Windows 7 Start menu.

Learning a few simple Surface RT gestures also helped:
  • Swipe in from right: Charms, including sharing, search, settings, and what-not
  • Swipe in from left: Switch or snap open program(s) or app(s)
  • Swipe from top or bottom: Reveals App Commands
  • Press-and-Hold: Basically, this is just like a right-click with your desktop mouse
Recently, I read an article that paralleled my own experiences with Windows 8, too, which I think most readers might enjoy: Why I Love Windows 8 (and no, my account has not been hacked), by Dr. R. Keith Sawyer, in The Huffington Post.

So, if you haven't tried Windows 8 yet, give it a shot. If you've tried it and still aren't sold on it, take a look at the Windows 8.1 video, below, and give it another chance. Among other things, it will have the option to boot back to the familiar Windows 7 interface, the Start button makes a return, you can snap more than 2 programs for side-by-side (-by side?) multitasking, and the Search function looks really great! I don't think you'll be all that disappointed.

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