Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Technology for Teachers: Remind 101 Launches an Android App

Remind101 is now available for both iOS AND Android phones! Thanks to Free Tech For Teachers for the tip!

Remind101 is a free service that allows teachers and schools to send text messages and/or emails to students, parents, and community members. Users of this service never see one another's phone numbers or emails addresses, nor can the reply to the messages received - it's all completely anonymous. Parents and students can opt in or out of the free service as they wish. While teachers need either a computer or a smart phone to use the service, any basic cell phone that can receive text messages will allow a student or parent to receive the message. The cellular service provider's standard text messaging rates, if any, will apply to the individual user, so this should not be used as a required part of a public school student's education. Rather, this would be a handy service that teachers and schools might provide in which parents and/or students might choose to participate. The video below explains things very succinctly:

Free Technology for Teachers: Remind 101 Launches an Android App:

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