Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SMART Board Notebook Software for iPad

imageLast week, SMART released a Notebook software app for iPad. (Thanks for the Tweet, @tonyvincent!) Personally, I didn’t have a chance to download the $6.99 app from iTunes over the Labor Day weekend, but I intend to do so soon & will post my reactions to it ASAP.

(screenshot from iTunes App Store)

In the meantime, here’s a great video from James Hollis of Teachers Love SMART Boards. Keep in mind, this is just a first-time walk-through of the software, not an endorsement or review.

SMART Notebook App for iPad–James Hollis–http://teacherslovesmartboards.com

Please note: This software is designed to help teachers develop lessons that can used on either an iPad or a PC hooked up to a SMART Board, etc. It is not the kind of software that lets a teacher walk around the room and control a SMART Board with an iPad. SMART’s Slate (formerly known as the AirLiner wireless slate) is designed to do just that, but it will take a little practice. Hacking your school computer’s  with remote desktop applications is not recommended in our school district.

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