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Emerging Ed Tech: 10 Emerging Technologies All Educators Should Know About (2012)

imageEmergingEdTech has posted a list and accompanying video describing their ideas about the 10 most important education technology tools that educators should know. Some are relevant more to higher ed, but many are becoming more widely used among K-12 educators as well. Below the video are some highlights – Read the whole article here.


  • The Flipped Classroom: Here’s the concept in a nutshell: Students explore and gather background knowledge using electronic resources in any environment and at any time, and the classroom becomes the place for guided practice, questions for teachers to assist with, and educator-guided project development. They access recorded instruction that they can replay any time they feel the need for a reminder. Students may sometimes communicate electronically with their teacher and frequently collaborate with others on school projects using Internet resources.
  • Tablets & iPads: Tablet-sized computing devices, like iPads and their many competitors, are all the rage for consuming electronic content. They are becoming increasingly more “computer-like” in their ability to create new content, but they have yet to make desktop/laptop computers obsolete… for now…
  • Smartphones: Increasingly available thanks to contract-based and no-contract wireless communication carriers, smartphones are currently the choice for more than 50% of all new & renewing cell phone subscribers, a number that seems to rise daily. This increases the potential for more children to have a pocket-sized computing device in classrooms on a daily basis. “Good” or “Bad” depends on both perspective and abilities to incorporate them into instructional activities effectively.
  • “Gamification”: Using game-style incentives in classrooms is nothing new. Online learning environments are bridging the gap between education and gaming, and many higher education institutions are beginning to recognize and embrace the concept effectively. Are you?
  • MOOCs: This is neither an insulting slur nor some indie-rock band from Seattle. Massive Open Online Courses – MOOCs, for short – may be the “distance learning” option of the future, opening the doors of learning to almost anyone with a computing device. Now some institutions are beginning to weigh the benefits of offering MOOCs for college credit!
  • 1:1 & BYOD: One-to-one computing environments make computing hardware available to every student in every classroom in the school, in the form of laptops, tablets, etc. Schools can do this through an increase in student fees, rent-to-own programs, or from the depths of their financial pockets. Some schools are doing this through policies supporting a concept known as Bring Your Own Device (hence “BYOD”), thanks to the above-mentioned prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and what-not.
  • Student Response Systems, etc.: Not ready for 1:1? Phones banned in your school? You laugh at BYOD because your class roster includes a lot of kids who might be described by some as “have-nots”? Student Response System “clickers” allow kids to interact and provide instant feedback about learning & understanding at any time. (Our District has a number of Senteo/Response Systems from SMART, and many competitors offer similar devices).  Many smartphone & tablet apps offer similar functionality as well.
  • Cloud Apps: First a little vocabulary study: “The Cloud” simply describes things stored “on the Internet,” so to speak. “Apps” is simply a new term for electronic services & computer programs. Rather than using a flash drive to transfer files from one computer to another, you can now store files using Internet-based services like Dropbox or Skydrive, and edit them almost anywhere with free services & programs like Evernote and Mirosoft Office Web Apps. And they’re all FREE!

Image from www.emergingedtech.com

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  1. Glad you found this listing helpful Matt! Nice job of bringing your perspective and explanations to it! K. Walsh, EmergingEdTech.com


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