Monday, June 25, 2012

Timers for Teachers

I first learned of most of these resources from Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) at Free Technology for Teachers.

Giving kids an in-class deadline or time frame in which to complete a task or assessment can help with classroom management as well as add a bit of urgency for those students who might not attend as well as we’d like. The good old egg timer or small plastic “sand glass” (think of an hourglass only much smaller) are inexpensive ways to help with this, but often times kids can’t see how much time remains from where they are sitting in class.

imageFree Technology For Teachers has posted the following “5 Free and Simple Timers for Teachers.”

All of these timers are free. Tips and specifics about the use of each of these are available at the original post.

In a SMART Board-equipped classroom, you can find 2 simple timers in the Gallery Essentials simply by searching for “timer.” (See screenshot below) The smaller rectangular timer is very simple and quick to use. It beeps when it counts down to “00:00:00.” 

The round timer can be set to count up or count down, depending on how you’d like them to work. You can also set a customizable alarm to sound, or set a custom action to occur with the SMART Notebook file (e.g.: go to a specific page in the file, inject text or an image, etc.) You can download SMART Notebook trial software at the SMART web site.


(SMART Notebook software is free if you have a SMART Board in your classroom – contact your sales rep or school tech guru for the product key.)

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