Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sticky Teaching Infographic


This infographic has some great tips, reportedly backed up with brain research, for any teacher looking for ways to make instruction “stick.”  The suggestions are wise, and they’re followed up with an explanation of why they work. It also includes suggested follow-up reading.

The infographic was designed by Chris Lema. I found it through Larry Ferlazzo (on his blog and on Twitter @larryferlazzo).

There are actually two versions of the graphic – secular and Christian – available on Chris Lema’s Web site. Here’s the direct link to the secular version (PDF).

This is a great graphic to share with teachers as a guide for designing lessons and classroom activities. It is unfortunate that the designer did not include more extensive references for the “brain research” used to create it. Still, these are handy tips to keep in mind!  Love the mnemonic approach!

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