Friday, June 1, 2012

Digital Advice for Graduates

So you’re graduating from high school… Congratulations! Time to forget about all that school stuff, go out and have a great time, right? Hmmm… let’s think about that for a second… Take a look at this video, from iKeepSafe:

Here are a few tips from Mashable for graduates and their parents regarding steps to take to preserve your online reputation. Your future could depend on it!

  1. Investigate Yourself: Search for yourself on Google, Bing, etc., and see what comes up. Check out who has tagged you in photos on Facebook, MySpace, etc. Think about how employers would view you if they saw these results, pictures, etc. Then set your privacy settings on your social networks to make sure that people can’t tag you in posts or pictures without your consent. Consider signing up for Google Alerts or a similar service so you know when people have posted something about you.
  2. Bury the Bad: Okay, so there’s stuff out there that you can’t get rid of, so what do you do? Time for a reputation makeover. You could create a completely new Facebook profile and start from scratch, but keep in mind that the two profiles could show up in the same search. You want to show prospective employers your completely new game face, so. Sign up with a completely different service like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to start creating a professional presence in social media. Consider tips from sites like BrandYourself, Monster, Reputation, and other sites for cleaning up your online reputation, too. (Note: Some of these services require fees.) That way, when prospective employers search for you online – and they will – they’ll be more likely to see the good things you’re capable of doing, too!
  3. Create Positive Profiles: Facebook allows users a number of ways to control who can see what in their profile. Check out Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know for more information. Also consider using sites that allow you to create an “online resume,” professional blog, job-hunt website, etc.
  4. Investigate Facebook Applications: There are also several apps that users can tap into to use their cleaned-up existing or new professional Facebook profile to help find jobs and communicate with employers.

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