Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Khan Academy and the Common Core

Last week I blogged about the connections being made between the National Common Core State Standards and Khan Academy videos through the Mastery Connect Web site.

The direct link to the correlated Khan Academy videos is

Right now it appears as though connections have been made for Math standards only, which fits because that was really the area that Sal Khan started with in the first place. Khan hasn’t made many videos yet that branch over into the English/Language Arts realm yet, so not many have been connected to that area.  Also, there are very few Khan Academy videos that have been connected to K-2 Common Core standards, a few more are available in Grade 3, and still more become available as you move higher through the grade levels. As an example, here’s a screen shot of a few of the materials available to support Statistics & Probability instruction in a 7th Grade Math classroom:


To get this, I went to the Khan Academy Common Core resources, clicked on the grade level on the left (7th grade in this example), and then chose the Domain I wanted – in this case Statistics & Probability. Now in the main window I see all of the Math Standards notations & descriptions. The blue links in the third column take the user directly to Khan Academy videos to assist students and teachers with explanations of the concepts & skills. In the right-hand column are Khan Academy Exercises to help users practice and hone the skills taught through the standards-correlated videos. The Exercises pose a problem to the student with a box in which to enter their answer. The related standards are all noted for the teacher and student to reference. There is also a “Need a Hint” button, as well as a link back to the video explanation so students can go back through the instructions again to help them figure out the problem.

This is a good start to becoming a really great resource for schools and teachers who are going to be re-vamping their curricula for the implementation of the National Common Core State Standards.

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