Monday, February 6, 2012

Compost Bin DIY

It’s early February and around 50 degrees in Illinois today. Odd as that is, it does make people start thinking that Spring may be just around the corner. For those of you looking for ways to get your students outside (or if you’re like me a find getting your hands dirty to be therapeutic), here’s a great idea for an early Spring Science project, from NC Worm Farm and LifeHacker.

Materials List:

  • 2 inexpensive plastic bins (called “totes” in the video)
  • 1 lid for above
  • 2 wood blocks for spacers between the two bins (could also use large gravel, rocks, etc.)
  • Cordless drill (or something to make holes in the bins – BE CAREFUL!)
  • Optional: 6-inch square of window screen (a piece of cloth will work, too)
  • Optional: Hot glue (or other non-water-soluble adhesive for screen)
  • Peat moss, shredded newspaper, old corrugated cardboard, etc.

image  image

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