Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Truths About Teaching With Tech–from Clouducation

Here are snippets from a great post about teaching with technology. I encourage you to read more on the original post at the Clouducation blog:


Ten Truths about Teaching with Technology

1. Teaching WITHOUT technology is just not acceptable any longer. Can you imagine a teacher refusing to implement special education accommodations? It would be a travesty. Same thing with current technology. …

2. Online learning is inevitable, and is arriving soon… Students already learn plenty online. It would be nice if Algebra or French were a part of that.

3. Online learning does not mean students stare at screens for a majority of the time...

4. Powerpoints do not really signify effective instructive integration of technology… True technology integration breaks the barrier between curriculum and student. A Powerpoint alone cannot do that.

5. Banning cell phone use in schools has created a problem… If teachers embrace the opportunity to harness the power of handheld devices, we put the power of the world at their fingertips…

6. Education reform is about a lot of things, but the driver for all of them is society. Society is plugged in and online and collaborating like never before…

7. Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful collaboration and communication tools ever seen on the planet…  How can we ignore their potential impact as teaching tools?

8. Bloom’s Taxonomy has never been more relevant, and learning with technology is at the top of the ladder...

9. Technology is cheap...

10. The shift needs to be bidirectional… administrators who cultivate a culture of innovation and engaged learning are key for any real progress into the 21st Century.

Please read the entire original post at Clouducation

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