Monday, December 19, 2011

Skyward Standards Report Card–A Reminder In Verse

I was feeling a little creative over lunch earlier today and waxed a bit poetic while answering a teacher’s question about how to enter grades & skill marks in Skyward’s Standards Grade Book. If you’re interested in my attempt at a bit of lyric prose, read on… If not, I won’t blame you a bit…

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‘Twas the day before Winter Break, and all through the school,
Teachers were starting to panic, a few started to drool.
Their papers were graded, recorded with care,
In hopes their Report Card grades would magically appear!
“The children are gone, now mocking us,” they thought
“I just want to ditch this computer and walk!”
“I’ll put on my kerchief, then put on my cap,
“When the #@!! do I get MY ‘long winter’s nap’?”
When out in the hall there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.
Fellow teachers were frantically rifling through piles,
Of Skyward HOW-TOs, moaning, “It’s in one of these files!”
I saw tears on their cheeks, their make-up brought fright,
‘Twas then I remembered: Matt’s Skyward Help Web site!
At the top of the page I gave a quick look,
The first entry said something about Standards Gradebook!
So we clicked on the link. Relieved sighs were let out.
This document explained what we’d all worried ‘bout!
“But wait!” said the Art teacher. “Mine differs!” he wallowed.
And those teaching PE, Music, and Library soon followed.
“Place your skill marks in columns under headings solid-colored,
“And your grades will appear. Principals needn’t be bothered!”
With this information we’ll finish grades quick,
And maybe relieve a few stressed facial tics!
“If we finish this soon we can go wet our whistles,”
So away they all flew as if strapped onto missiles!
Soon our grades and skill marks were all put to bed,
And we realized these fears had been all in our heads.
Then we straightened our classrooms. Long minutes caused woe.
‘Til that glorious announcement: “Teachers: Now you can go!”
We sprang to our sleighs, hoping each would then start,
As if driving race cars, soon they all would depart!
But I heard them exclaim, as their sleds disappeared,
“Happy Holidays to All, and a Happy New Year!”

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