Monday, December 12, 2011

Is iPad3 Worth Waiting For? from Yahoo News

Recent talk surrounding the next generation of student computing devices has speculated on the next generation of tablets, a market dominated by the venerable iPad.
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Watch this video from Yahoo! about what’s on the horizon for the next iPad.
Well, I don’t know what the big whoop might be about all this – it’s really nothing new or unanticipated.  Among the rumors that the Yahoo! article mentioned as LIKELY IMPROVEMENTS to the next iPad:
  • High-Res display – Can you say, “iPadHD”???
  • Thinner – Can you say “And More Expensive” too???
    • This article, however, suggests that it HD display will require the next iPad to be thicker, though. So who really knows?
  • Faster – That’s a no-brainer.
  • Pretty Colors – Rumors indicate the aluminum shell may be replaced by carbon fiber, which is lighter, stronger, and can also accept colors & visual textures. Perhaps schools will be able to brand every iPad3 with a school logo, etc., or “If found drop in any mailbox… but don’t sell it or keep it as your own.”
  • Better camera – perhaps with a flash. Not a big selling point for schools, IMHO. 
What’s NOT LIKELY, according to the Yahoo! article and video:
  • New OS??? – could make the iPad less of a toy and more of a laptop-replacement device. Hmmm… that’d be nice… we’ll see…
  • Flash – iPad and Adobe Flash simply do not play well together. And apparently will not in the future. Period.
  • USB port/SD Card slot – iPaddlers will still have to rely on cloud storage services to transfer files to and from the iPad.
  • iPad Lite – The jury is still out on a 7-inch device between the size (and cost) of an iPhone & an iPad. We’ll see how this changes as iPad’s virtual feet are held to the (Kindle) Fire.
What this means for schools, in my humble opinion:
  • Pros: A new OS that might allow more robust creation of documents and content would be a welcomed improvement. A new model could cause a “fire sale” or “clearance blowout” of previous iPad models, but if the prices for iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S are an indicator then it won’t make a whole lot of difference.
  • Cons: A new model will only be more expensive and therefore harder for schools to put into the hands of kids. What this tells me is that Apple is feeling some competition and trying to make tweaks to its bread-and-butter to retain its market-share.

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