Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cleaning SMART Boards & Projectors

MP900448582[1]Sometimes I forget that people want to know answers to some of classroom life’s simpler things.  I often hear questions like this:

How do I clean a SMART Board?

You can really use anything. Glass cleaner works nicely for quick touch-ups. The stuff that the custodians use to clean regular white boards actually works really well too!  BUT WAIT! Before you unleash your inner Mr. Clean, here are the DO’s and DON’T’s:
  • ALWAYS spray the cleaning solution onto a soft cloth and then wipe the board
  • NEVER spray cleaning solution onto the board – the cleaning liquid could drip down the Board and fry the circuitry in the pen tray, causing you and your building principal’s budget a very bad day, because that kind of problem is not covered by anybody’s warranty
  • ALWAYS wipe and NEVER scrub – scrubbing leaves shiny spots on the Board and is really distracting when an image is projected onto it
  • NEVER use anything abrasive. Cleaners like Comet, Soft Scrub, etc., or a Magic Eraser or “scratchy-pad” like the rough side of a kitchen sponge are all fine products, I’m sure, but they should never come close to a SMART Board
  • NEVER use anything containing bleach
  • UNPLUG things from outlets near the SMART Board during cleaning. Electricity and cleaning solutions are not good friends

How do I clean a projector?

The projector that goes with a SMART Board is easy to forget about since it is usually hanging from the wall or ceiling and is harder to get to. However, keeping it clean is really quite easy! 
  • Once or more each week, remove the filter by the lens and blow the dust & crud off it before reinserting.
  • If you see dirt or dust on the housing, use a vacuum (ask your friendly building custodian for assistance with this if needed) to remove it, but NEVER use compressed or “canned” air.  That will just force the dust and dirt into the mirrors & lenses and can virtually destroy the projector.
  • UNPLUG the projector before cleaning it.
  • ALWAYS ask for assistance from a custodian, tech staffer, etc., when working on techie-things out of reach. Avoid standing on chairs, tables, student desks, etc. Find a ladder or grab a step-stool.


NEVER allow helpful and well-meaning students to clean your SMART Board or projector for you

There are no more germs on a SMART Board that there are on your classroom door handle. Kids touch the door handle… kids touch the SMART Board… it’s all pretty much the same…

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