Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Your Computer Run Faster

Here’s a great article from Yahoo!s Y!Tech blog, listing “5 ways to make your Windows computer run faster.” These are good tips for both home and school computers: MP900433180[1]

  • Run the essentials – Close down programs that you aren’t using (CTRL-ALT-DEL and “End Task” works wonders) and limit the number of programs that automatically start when you start your computer. Read the article for specific instructions, and always ask a technician if you’re not sure exactly what to do.
  • Fluff not necessary – Uninstall things you don’t use, but DON’T uninstall things like anti-virus, anything in the System folder or Microsoft folder, etc. If you have questions about this when you’re at a school computer, just type the word “support” in a browser window to create and submit a Tech Help Request to schedule an evaluation.
  • Safe and simple browsing – Internet Explorer and other Web browsers offer MP900422412[1]you the ability to turn off various “extensions” that are supposed to make your browsing experience easier (blah, blah, blah). My advice: DO IT! Many of these are garbage that just slow things down. All those stinking toolbars are just mucking up half your screen! Kill them by going to Tools –> Add-ons and unchecking the crud you don’t need. …which means most of it…
  • Timing your anti-virus scans – Here in the District, anti-virus scans are automatic, so you probably don’t have to worry about it.  Also, DO NOT install MP900422409[1]extra anti-virus software on your school computer! You’ll want to avoid running multiple anti-virus programs on the same machine – they can often conflict with one another and bring your computer to a screeching halt. If you have a computer or laptop at home, time the antivirus scans when you’re away or sleeping, etc. (You may have to leave your computer running – depends on the machine & the software.)
  • Add a physical boost – More memory can often make some older computers run faster, but this is usually best left to a trained technician. This is good advice for a home computer, but NEVER try to fiddle with the memory on your school computer, please!

For more details, please Read the Article on the Yahoo! Y!Tech Blog.

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